Q & A

Q:I’d like to surprise my travel companion, may I ask for your advice?
A:◎ Gladly! Let’s surprise your partner together!

Q:Could you introduce us to some delicious restaurants?
A:◎ Of course! We recommend only the best restaurants from each genre, atmosphere and budget!

Q:Suddenly, I am no longer able to travel to Kyoto.. Is a cancellation fee required?
A:◎ Yes, it is required. We have a predetermined cancellation fee 14 days before your check-in day.

Q:Do you accept credit cards?
A:◎ Yes, we accept VISA, Master Card and American Express.

Q:Is there a curfew?
A:△ No, but because it is a quiet neighbourhood, we ask you to avoid loud noises at night when leaving or coming back to RIKYU.

Q:Is a late-night check-in possible?
A:△ Check-in is only possible between 3:00pm and 9:00pm. We look forward to your arrival, please tell us in advance when you plan to check in.

Q:Is it possible to cook
A:△ Simple cooking is possible. For kitchen equipment and appliances, please refer to the equipment and appliances page.

Q:Do I have to make my bed/spread the futon myself?
A:△ For the ground floor Japanese-style room, we ask you to spread the futon yourself.

Q:Is it possible to extend the check-out time?
A:△ Since that would be depending on the daily situation, we cannot make any promises. In the case of an extension we charge the following additional fee.
~ 12:00 20% of the room charge
~ 01:00pm 40% of the room charge
~ 02:00pm or later please contact us.

Q:Will there be housekeeping during my stay
A:△ In case of 3 or more nights of accommodation, we will check back with the customer to schedule a date on which the room could be cleaned.

Q:Is there a set of children fee?
A:△Children under 5 years old or younger can sleep together for free. An accommodation fee same as adults is applied to children of 6 years and over.

Q:May I bring my pet
A:× Sorry we don’t allow any pets.

Q:Do I have to contact you upon check-out?
A:× No, there is no need. But we do ask you to please leave with the doors firmly locked and all electrical switches turned off.

Q:May I invite a person in a hotel?
A:× we don’t allow, Only the guest is authorized to enter the room.

Q:Is the staff resident in a hotel?
A:× The staff is not resident in the hotel and is present only at the time of check-in.

Q:Can minors stay without a legal guardian?
A:× Without a legal guardian, minors can not stay all by their own.

Q:What is the difference to Homestay?
A:× It is very different, because we operate a licensed business.

Q:Is it possible to send the luggage in advance?
A:× No, it is not. We have no way to store your luggage safely.

Q:Can you keep my luggage after check-out?
A:× No, but it is possible to send it though.

Q:Is it possible to book one year in advance ?
A:× No, reservations are only possible up to 10 months in advance. example : In the case of staying at December, reservations will be started from 1 February. If your reservation you are interested in booking is a stay of more than three consecutive days and 10 months or more ahead, please contact us.