Owner’s preferences

My thoughts about the hotel industry “Creating a service, which stay in your memories”

However, the reason for one's travel may differ, wether it be an anniversary or birthday, I think, it is often the case, that a journey may well mark a turning point in your life.
And a big role in leaving fond memories plays the accommodation.
Our guests come especially to make such everlasting memories and we feel proud and are honoured to be a part of that. And that would describe our motto under which we operate our Inn.
A journey to other places should let you forget, even if it is only momentarily, your everyday hardships and sorrows and to enrich your soul by broadening your horizons. We here at RIKYU see it as our duty to respond the feelings of all our guests who are looking forward to their journey. We aim to provide you with such a service, that you one day reminiscing about your life, think the time you spent at RIKYU was one of the happiest of your life.

My thoughts about the place I grew up, Kyoto townhouses (Kyōmachiya)

I was born in the Kamigyō ward, and spent my early childhood in a Kyō-machiya. Because I always loved the scenery where I grew up, I really wanted to preserve that for coming generations and renovated an old Kyoto townhouse. You may call it a new Kyōmachiya. To let pedestrians feel the beauty of Kyoto's street scenery, the building of the Inn is carefully designed to not disturb its surrounding neighbourhood. In the same mind, we provide all amenities and decorations with that certain flair of Kyoto. Each and every one of it is filled with the emotions of the person who made it. The special feature of this Inn is to use them and learn about the fun you may have in using them and eventually buy one one of it.